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You've never had a protein snack like this before.

Uptown Jerky lovingly brings you a bite-sized, chewy protein snack using nothing but lean Alberta beef, of course, marinated in charcutie-inspired recipes; spices, herbs and aromatic vegetables.

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Where's the love coming from?

Alberta Food Tours

Alberta Food Tours Inc.
Alberta February 18, 2022

When we met this entrepreneurial #foodartisanofalberta, we knew she would make a great #AlbertaCaresPackage partner. Meet Tara Seitz of @uptownjerkycompany.

When Tara’s mom was almost 50, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. That same year her aunt and grandmother were also diagnosed with the same cancer. It was then Tara’s health, and wellness immediately became a priority. As She approached the age that my mom was diagnosed, I opted for a preventative double mastectomy.

It was a difficult journey that was compounded by a divorce, raising two little ones, being furloughed from the oil and gas industry and of course, the pandemic.  

She was looking for a way to provide for her kids that wouldn’t deprive her of all her time and wouldn’t compromise her health. Then it came to her. She had been eating high-protein snacks to keep her energy and mood up.  She also wanted something she wouldn’t mind feeding her kids.  And Uptown Jerky was born.

Uptown Jerky makes charcuterie-style, health-conscious, allergy-conscious jerky from tasty and lean Alberta beef.  Uptown Jerky is delicately flavoured with natural ingredients, cut into bite-sized pieces and packaged in a portable resealable pouch.   

You can find Uptown Jerky’s Ginger Ambition in our Alberta Cares Package Energy Snacks box.  This box is perfect for getting your team through zoom purgatory or when settling in for a night of Netflix.

Ginger Ambition is also available through the Uptown Jerky website and at small retailers around the province.  

Check for a location near you.

Culinaire Magazine March 2022

March 2022, Culinaire Magazine published:


We couldn't help but investigate further when we read,

"An uncompromising snack made with 100%
Alberta beef and none of the nonsense."

Tara Seitz started making jerky for her family early in the pandemic and its now grown into a full time artisan business, Uptown Jerky, in Vulcan, AB. Her "Ginger Ambitions' is a tasty, gingery and salty, gluten-free, sugar-free, small batch boutique jerky, cut in easy-to-nibble little squares. 

2 page layout with a photo of Ginger Ambitions Jerky

Culinaire Magazine May 2022

Made in Alberta Awards

made in Alberta awards graphics

Oct 2022: Made in Alberta Awards!


We didn't win, but we did get shortlisted in the Savoury Category for this years' Made in Alberta Awards competition. And for that, we are very proud. Thank you to everyone who voted for us in the Readers Choice Award.

We would also like to give some huge love to the 2022 Grand Finalist Winner, Lazy Bake, who submitted their 'Dillapeno Beer Bread Kit' and swept all the judges off their feet. Well done Lazy Bake!! That's some fantastic competition there! 

Here's a snapshot of our listing in the Made in Alberta website: 

HatchUp Magazine

We are in the fall release! We can't wait to see it either.